Wonders of the World

For the ultimate travel experience explore the world’s newest natural wonders, sail some of the world’s famous rivers, head to some of the earth’s finest eco-friendly beaches, taste some of the best street cuisine around the globe, and travel by some unique modes of transportation for an authentic experience.

Get lost in timeless Asia where the region’s cultural diversity and vast landscapes have made it a Mecca for travellers, sail your way down the amazing and exotic Amazon River for a gorgeous journey through Latin America, or travel beyond the surf to uncover hidden treasures while touring the vibrant Caribbean.

Mystical Journey

Visit China’s hidden gems away from sprawling metropolises, zen out at the Himalaya’s front door in Pokhara Nepal, stand among the world’s highest mountains on the Roof of the World in Tibet, or travel through Japan on the high-speed bullet train.

Indochina Discovery

Experience the lane that never sleeps at Bangkok’s Khao San Road, dive into the tropics in Koh Tao Thailand, crawl through the Chu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam, go off the beaten path in Angkor Wat to explore Cambodia’s ancient capital, discover phenomenal sites and excellent dining options in Laos, while explore the fascinating and enigmatic nation of Myanmar.

Colours of Americas

Explore the underwater art exhibition in the Mexican Riviera Maya, encounter the cradle of Mayan life in the Guatemalan jungle, dive in the picturesque mysterious depths of Belize’s Blue Hole, and look beyond the beach in Cuba while it’s still unique and fast-food-free.

Andean Empires

Warm yourself in the first rays of sunshine at the cloud-topping site of Machu Picchu in Peru, journey into the rainforest to experience the riches of the Amazon in Puerto Maldonado Peru, embark on an off-road exploration of the surreal landscape of the Salar de Uyuni and the surround desert in Bolivia’s altiplano, and uncover the theory of evolution while cruising around the isolated Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.