Step on the roof of the world and experience a landscape like no other.

With its uplifting spirituality, this land will transport you to a peaceful world filled with temples and monasteries. Team this with the ethereal Everest, picture-perfect lakes and glaciers for memories that last a lifetime.

Join us as we explore the ancient town of Lhasa, discover some of Tibet’s holiest sites like the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, try our artistic skills at a Tibetan Thangka painting workshop, experience a purely magical sunset and an overnight stay in a nomad tent at the Mount Everest North Base Camp and immerse ourselves in an incredibly warm culture.

Travel Styles:

Off the Beaten Path

Travelling is an intrinsically personal experience that speaks to our senses and nourishes our soul.

Our extensive experience across the four corners of the world has enabled us to discover some of the most unique destinations and locations that our planet has to offer.

We’ll create a unique itinerary that takes you off the beaten path and into a wonderful world of experiences and sensations.

Guide Me to Adventure

Explore all the activities that Tibet has to offer!