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This is the objective that propels our passion for curated journeys for individuals with an unquenchable wanderlust.

It is often said that life can only begin at the end of your comfort zone. More than a simple adage, this is the guiding principle on which Traville was founded in 2006.

After travelling to more than 60 countries across verdant Latin America, vibrant Asia and onto rugged Southern Africa and East Africa; Traville founder Marvic went on to become a fully certified IATA professional. Armed with this experience and her passion for adventure; Marvic set out to create a tailored travel service for those seeking to explore what lies off the beaten path. 

Traville places sustainable travelling and a deep-rooted respect for all that is indigenous at the core of its activities. We create unique, customised itineraries that fulfil the different travelling aspirations of our clients and connect them to the true spirit of the visiting country. 

Nothing compares to the feeling of immersing yourself in a new culture that tantalises the senses and broadens our perceptions. We are here to help you experience it to the full.

Traville is a web-based travel agency licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority and protected by the Package Travel Insolvency Fund (EU Directive 2015/2302).

Marvic Cordina

Boutique Travel Advisor

Seasoned globetrotter and intrepid traveller are only two of the terms that describe Marvic.

From a young age, Marvic had an innate passion for discovery and it was with childlike wonder that she explored books and encyclopedias to learn more about geography and other cultures.

As an adult, this enthusiasm led her to travel extensively throughout Europe and across some of the most known destinations. However, her passion knew no bounds, both literally and figuratively. This led her to explore far-flung and remote destinations starting with a solo backpacking trip across China and Southeast Asia. However, her fascination with travelling did not stop there; Marvic quickly gained a reputation as a trip-planning connoisseur amongst her friends and family. So, she took another leap outside of her comfort zone and obtained her IATA International Travel Consultant Diploma and subsequently went on to create Traville. The rest, as they say, is history.