Peru and Bolivia

Peru and Bolivia are filled with mystery, tradition and outdoor adventures in abundance – from ancient Inca ruins to rural indigenous villages, and from the diversity of wildlife in the Amazon Jungle to the towering peaks of the Andes.

Peru is the Land of the Incas, while Bolivia is the heart and soul of the Andes. The cultural, historical and spiritual richness of these two South American nations is astonishing.

  • One of the highlights to visit in Peru is definitely the sacred city of Machu Picchu. Trek the challenging Inca Trail and warm yourself in the first rays of sunshine at this breathtaking mountaintop LostCity of the Incas
  • High in the Andes on the border of the two countries go cruising on the sapphire blue waters of Lake Titicaca and witness life on the Floating Islands of the Uros. By volume of water it is the largest lake in South America, and with an elevation of 3,812m it is the highest navigable lake in the world
  • Journey into the rainforest and savannas by canoe to experience the riches of the Amazon Basin. Set off on a nature hike to spot wildlife in the Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia. Go Anaconda hunting and Piranha fishing in the savannas, better known as the Pampas
  • In the Bolivian Altiplano embark on an off-road exploration of the surreal landscape of the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, and let yourselves be mesmerized by the multi-coloured lagoons at Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve
  • Take a stroll along charming colonial back streets while you wander around bustling and colourful local markets