G Adventures is an adventure travel company offering the widest selection of affordable small-group tours, safaris, and expeditions to more than 100 countries across seven continents.

G Adventures small group tours connect you with the world in a way unlike you’ve ever experienced before. Each one is designed to let you enjoy must-do highlights, embrace spontaneous situations, revel in personal freedom, and share eye-opening encounters with local people. G Adventures small group tours help you share yourself with the world. Yes, you. Because if you’re looking to travel, you’re the kind of person who’s open to seeing new places, trying new things, and learning about our differences all over the world. Tours are loaded with opportunities for shared experiences between you, your group, and the local people you meet during your journey. Not only that, G Adventures works with local businesses to help underserved communities benefit from the global travel economy and establish development projects in the places they visit.

We believe it’s only by giving more of yourself to our world that you can get so much back.

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