Enthralling in its diversity, Guatemala is best explored with the knowledge that it will leave you mesmerised. Tikal's mythical pyramids may be on every visitor's bucket list but Guatemala is much more than that. This beautiful country is also home to some truly breathtaking landscapes, volcanoes, lakes and Spanish-inspired architecture.

So, if it’s time to step away from your comfort zone, you need to join us for a once in a lifetime adventure. We will be visiting indigenous villages around the volcanic Lago Atitlan, hiking up the active volcano of Pacaya for a unique sunset experience, exploring the charming colonial city of Antigua, and much more.

Travel Styles:

Off the Beaten Path

Travelling is an intrinsically personal experience that speaks to our senses and nourishes our soul.

Our extensive experience across the four corners of the world has enabled us to discover some of the most unique destinations and locations that our planet has to offer.

We’ll create a unique itinerary that takes you off the beaten path and into a wonderful world of experiences and sensations.

Guide Me to Adventure

Explore all the activities that Guatemala has to offer!