The mythical dynasty that has transcended time. The cultural richness of this land has been fascinating travellers for centuries.

With its monumental Great Wall, majestic temples and breathtaking scenery fused with the striking sleekness of Beijing and Hong Kong; China has everything (and then some) to keep you enthralled.

Pack your bags and join us for an adventure of a lifetime. Experience first hand the world-famous terracotta soldiers, explore Beijing’s ancient alleys at the back of a rickshaw, feel at one with nature as we glide along the Li River, search for hidden gems at Hong Kong’s Kowloon Street Market and wander around the mythical Shangri-La. All this and much more awaits you when travelling with us.

Travel Styles:


If you’re a thrill-seeker that still likes a touch of comfort, then our classic style will give the best of both worlds.

Our classic style is designed to give you a full cultural immersion without giving up on comfortable lodgings, private tours and good food. Peel away the layers to experience unique urban, rural and natural settings without giving up on those comforts that help you to enjoy your destination to the full.

We will create an unfiltered experience that is intriguing just as it is relaxing; and unique just as it is comfortable.

Off the Beaten Path

Travelling is an intrinsically personal experience that speaks to our senses and nourishes our soul.

Our extensive experience across the four corners of the world has enabled us to discover some of the most unique destinations and locations that our planet has to offer.

We’ll create a unique itinerary that takes you off the beaten path and into a wonderful world of experiences and sensations.

Guide Me to Adventure

Explore all the activities that China has to offer!